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Picking up a pencil or paint brush has always brought me joy. Drawing came naturally. My art led me to teaching in California and in Europe with the Department of Defense Dependents Schools. I spent 16 years teaching and raising a bilingual family in a small, quaint German village surrounded by forests, horse-filled pastures and loving villagers. It was there that I began studying with several artists in the Muenster area.

In 2000, I returned home to Sacramento where I studied with Cleidi Sander and I was very fortunate to have the chance to work with Anita Wolf. My art is used commercially in Folsom, CA, and can often be found on 50 +banners and posters all along Historic Folsom’s main street advertising Folsom’s historic district. My fine art works can be found in cafe’s and restaurants in the Folsom area as well as in private residences, both in Northern California and in Europe.

I find that I am happiest with palette knife in hand at home and also in my husband’s country of Germany. My paintings reflect the love that I have for both countries. They are my attempt to share the precious moments that I have experienced. I paint only with palette knives. No brushes are used except in the signing of my name. I hope you enjoy them.

Janeen Meyer-Johanson

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Janeen’s Oil Works | Janeen Meyer-Johanson Orangevale, California

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