Folsom Hillside 5 x 12 feet!

Last week, I tried something new. My girlfriend had a VERY large and COLD wall that needed something. A quick, spontaneous decision to put a gigantic painting up there, led us (she helped, first time with a palette knife)! on a 9 hour painting spree on 3 50″ square canvases. The last 4 hours the second day were to tweak what we (I) didn’t like. Considering we worked so quickly (before her husband got home!) I think it went well. We wanted to keep the colors muted with something that would go with the colors in her living room.  She says she is extremely happy, as is her husband, so, sigh of relief! Thank you Julianne, for allowing me to ‘try out’ the largest canvas I have ever done! The 3 canvases, when dry, will be separated forming a... read more

Robert Plant

In between working on New Orleans, I changed up the New Orleans blues of Slim Harpo for Led Zeppelin blaring and felt like adding Robert to my boys. Hair and the light coming from a certain angle, always easy; the eyes staring into your soul, another thing. Time to move on but I gave Robert that good ol’ college... read more

NOLA Series (New Orleans, Louisiana)

This week I begin a series of New Orleans.  I spent a week there this summer in the depths of aged oak trees dripping with steamy southern moss and incredibly gorgeous, musty old mansions of the Garden District. I met some lovely people, who took my daughter and me, even to the backwoods swamps, under their wings and helped us to find the most beautiful and interesting places. I thank them, especially you, Roland, for having been apart of that. The heavy air wrapping you with oven heat, somehow is lightened and enjoyable because of the heartwarming, soulful and somehow always upbeat music, Satchmo’s spirit always near. Of course, drinking without condemnation in the streets doesn’t hurt the atmosphere and mixes well with the ever so slight scent of moss and earth on a hot summers day. That being said, I hope you enjoy the first in my NOLA series. Thank you for being here,... read more

Frank Sinatra

Dear blog and anyone out there who takes the time to peak at this, this one took me some time. Lots of tweaking. Maybe, as my brother said, Ol’ Blue Eyes without the blue makes it harder in black and white! Nonetheless, I was told by a professional photographer that the black and white ‘punches you in the face’. Assuming he meant this as a compliment, I do like them in black and white. I was looking for that sparkle in his eye, a feeling, the cool…I hope I did him justice. It is incredible, how just the tiniest of a speck of paint, changes the look. At any rate, I think I’m happy with it.  Time to move... read more

Elegant Handmade Shadow Box Frames

Hello Blog. Here is m y newest WONDERFUL find. My brother has always been a carpenter. Kitchens, stairways and balusters, beds, but I had never asked him to start making frames for me. This month, I ordered Douglas Fir and Poplar shadow box frames on a whim, and WOW! I find the shadow box frames natural and yet modern. This one is poplar. He searches out the best wood and builds them using the colors and grain of the wood to make a frame that is a piece of art in itself. I will be using these frames when selling my work.  Pat Kelly-Carpenter Contact me to learn more about Pat’s shadow box... read more

Tortuga Commission

I am, as of this writing, very happy that this 24 x 30 painting made it safely to it’s new owners. This was a commission and the process worked very well. I was able to email back and forth with the buyer to get a feel for what he wanted. This takes quite a few emails and sharing of photographs that he and I had taken, but in the end, it all worked well. The last time I saw it, it was hanging nicely, lit from above, in its new home. I was lucky enough to see this, as I made a trip to Tahoe and met the buyer and his wife. This doesn’t work often because of distances but it was a lucky break and very nice for both sides. Now that I have sailed a bit, I can truly appreciate the beauty of a sailboat, this one, a Tortuga. Gorgeous and wonderful to... read more

Janeen’s Oil Works

Janeen Meyer-Johanson
Orangevale, California

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