Commercial Art

Folsom Chamber - City of Folsom
Folsom Chamber - City of Folsom

My art is used commercially in Folsom, California and can be found on 120+ banners and posters all along Folsom’s main streets – Folsom Historic District, Folsom Dam Road, City Hall, Outlet Mall, the Palladio, and more. I have been told that the thick texture my palette knife gives the images a ‘POP’ effect that are very popular with Folsom residents. I continue to paint ‘the feel’ of Folsom with gratitude and with joy.

For the Amgen Tour event, and throughout the year, tote bags and other novelties of my work are available for purchase at the Folsom Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is located on Wool Street, the site of the old train depot (the little yellow house near the train and and gold panning area).

Janeen’s Oil Works | Janeen Meyer-Johanson
Orangevale, California