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Advertising Folsom


Janeen’s Oil Works

Picking up a pencil or paint brush has always brought me joy. Drawing came naturally. I find that I am happiest with palette knife in hand at home and also in my husband’s country of Germany. My paintings reflect the love that I have for both countries. They are my attempt to share the precious moments that I have experienced.

My art is used commercially in Folsom, California and can often be found on 50 +banners and posters all along Historic Folsom’s Main Street advertising Folsom’s Historic District. In 2013, my ‘Cowboy Boots” were selected to advertise the 2013 Folsom Rodeo. Since then, I have done commercial art for many Folsom events, including the 2013 Folsom Rocks night and the California 2014 Amgen bike race. I have been told that the thick texture palette knife work and ‘POP’ effect are very popular with Folsom residents. I continue to paint ‘the feel’ of Folsom with gratitude and with joy.

​I paint only with palette knives. No brushes are used. I hope you enjoy my art work.

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Janeen’s Oil Works | Janeen Meyer-Johanson
Orangevale, California